Transformational Mentoring - Life/Soul Coaching

There is tremendous support thanks to this wild and wonder filled time on the planet to respond differently, to change outdated programs and patterning while many imprints/samskara’s are surfacing.


What is your will in service to? Looking good, being right or keeping the peace, perhaps avoiding conflict when something needs to be addressed within yourself or with another. Often there are parts of ourselves that need to be loved, be friended and called home. All of you is needed here on the planet at this time. Invite me in to guide you in calling your light and vitality home. 


Invite me in to guide you in bridging your humanity with the will of the divine, to embody the spirit seeded design of your life. 

Soul Reclamation is often a very welcome natural consequence of working with me.


Soul loss can be comparable to the psychological concept of disassociation. Some of the symptoms that may indicate soul loss include: depression, a feeling of incompleteness, an inability to move forward on some issue, lost memories, feeling like your not in control of your life. Soul loss is often accompanied by a feeling that something is missing from life. In Traditional  Cultures when a person is suffering from dis-ease it is believed that the soul is what requires mending.


The causes of Soul Loss can vary from person to person ie. can be anything from being made fun of as a child , accidents involving the physical body to any and all forms of abuse. When the lost soul part is reclaimed what is returned is the vitality and true essential nature of the client, not the trauma.

Invite me if you are seeking guidance with any of the following:

  • Moving beyond limiting beliefs
  • Experiencing more vitality, joy and self compassion
  • Living in truth and authenticity
  • Creating practical and sacred rituals often involving nature to bring more peace and grounding into your life.
  • Co-create in wellness with me via distance (Zoom/telephone) or in person. We can weave in as many of the modalities I carry as you wish. Registered Holistic Nutrition/Family Herbalism, Plant Spirit Healing, Bodywork, Reiki, Yoga.