I believe quality health care should be available to everyone. Rates start at $100/hr and varying according to type and length of session. If your money tree is in bloom pay more and assist another whose tree is waiting to bloom. Ask about sliding scale rates. I offer one session by gift or trade a month. Group sessions are my super power and most cost effective. Questions? Book a free clarity call.

Plant Circle and Group Alchemy (via distance or in person)

My greatest gift and joy, guiding groups in the woods, via Zoom, in your living room, you name it, we can co-create it. 8 moon Plant Communication/Herbalism Circle opens every year in October. Want an afternoon, day long, weekend, or several month long journey instead? The Plants and I will be thrilled to guide you personally or as part of a group.

Not interested in Plants? No problem. I also facilitate women's and mixed gender circles, self compassion and holistic practices for addiction recovery circles.

I've been guiding groups for over 10 years, it's my full time job and greatest joy. ​


Anointing is my current specialty and my absolute favourite thing to share. Potent essential oil blends formulated by alchemical elder scent priestess Diana Dubrow are intuitively applied along with various sound frequencies to cohere/heal/restore each energy centre, transporting you to cellular and soul remembrance.

This 8,000 year old sacred anointing technique is utilized for healing, spiritual evolution, self care, celebration, blessings, regeneration in illness, end of life sacraments and profound healing after loss.

You too are a Sacred Anointer.

While I have been initiated as an Anointing Priestess into the ritual art of anointing, anyone can anoint themselves or another.

If you wish to learn how to self-anoint or anoint a loved one, it’s simple, and I can teach you in a single session.

Plant Spirit Healing (via distance or in person)

Rebalance your inner ecology, body, mind & spirit with the help of Plant Allies. Fireweed, Cottonwood, St John's Wort, Dandelion, Nettle, Wood, Pine, Meadow. Nature will always call you beyond the “noise” of modern society back to yourself, to your family, community, to your sanity. ​

Similar to Reiki the healing frequencies of plant allies flow through my hands into one who is on the massage table in an in person session. Akin to Distance Reiki one can also receive the benefit from wherever you are, from a distance.

Personalized Yoga Sessions for Individuals and Groups (via distance or in person)

A dynamic blend of physical postures, breath awareness, meditation, mantra & relaxation created uniquely for you. Yoga has literally saved my life. l am deeply endeared to the many limbs of this ancient practice. Swami Radha was my first wise woman teacher of Yoga since 1998, the first western woman to be initiated into Sannyas by Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh, India.

Distance Sessions

Transformational Mentoring, Reiki, Plant Spirit Healing & Holistic Nutrition, Plant Circle, Group Sessions and Personalized Yoga Classes can be effectively received at a distance.

Energy work done non-locally often helps one get out of their own way.

We are all connected to a universal energy field, the web of life. As one part of the web is influenced, the whole web and all that is connected to it, becomes changed. This is known as the science of holography. Energies are transmitted to a person, identified by their unique signature frequency. All of life is consciousness and consciousness is not limited by space or time.

Let's connect via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or telephone.​​

Transformational Mentoring 1:1 (via distance or in person)

Invite me if you are seeking guidance with any of the following:

  • Moving beyond limiting beliefs
  • Experiencing more vitality and joy
  • Living in truth and authenticity

Creating practical and sacred rituals often involving nature to bring more peace and grounding into your life.

Co-create in wellness with me via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or telephone.

Registered Holistic Nutrition (via distance or in person)

Support for making personal choices and changes in the ways that you nourish yourself with food/herbs/supplements and in all the ways, body, mind and spirit. Specializing in digestive health.

Reiki and Raindrop Aroma Massage combined with Thai Massage on one’s legs is a preferred combo of modalities. However, you may choose one modality for your entire session. 

  • Reiki
  • Thai Massage
  • Dewdrop Aroma Massage

Reiki (via distance or in person)

Together we will work with Reiki Energy and your Energy Anatomy to reach beyond core issues of dis-ease: re-connecting you with the light of your vitality, health, joy & inner peace.