I have had the distinct pleasure in knowing Dee as a colleague, friend, and contractor while I was working as a Clinical Director at a holistic evidenced-based treatment center.  While I was at this facility, Dee was working as a yoga and holistic practitioner and also offered Reiki massages along with various other healing modalities.  During my time in working with Dee, our treatment center had received a significant amount of positive feedback from our client population which consists of a variety of clinical presentations including but not limited to substance use and behavioural addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma and stress-related disorders, grief and loss, chronic pain, and/or other physical or health related conditions.  Dee was a pleasure to work with as she is caring, has strong interpersonal skills, and is a team player, regularly collaborating with our multidisciplinary team.  Additionally, she has exhibited a person centered, trauma-informed, and culturally competent approach to her practice.  It has been an honor in working with Dee; she is a phenomenal woman, compassionate, and committed to excellence as a healing practitioner.


Valerie Hruschak


The experience I had of anointing with Dee was lush, sensuous and enlivening. Even as I felt my body drop down and release into the soft and warm bed, all my senses were brought deftly and gently awake in phases as she guided me through without sight or words being necessary. The oils used are beautifully blended with nuance and lucid visions in my inner visioning danced easily into my dream state with a quickness that was surprising as well as exciting. The journey was whole body, while bringing deep calm, peace and receptivity into every part. I felt myself present with what was unfolding between Dee’s hands and my limbs, while also envisioning vistas of forest, cave, desert, ocean, ice and snow, encountering images of animals, goddesses, and a shamanka leading me deeper into myself. The inner journey and my physical body danced in the in-between as sensations of tingling, numbness, burning, softening, melting, oozing and shaking all cascaded in their own rhythm. My heart beat a drum, my womb a container, my face a moon, my limbs those of an oak tree. I came away with the cellular knowing that within me – within us all – there is a pantheon of divinity. We are this cosmic dance made flesh for the purpose of healing, holding and having it all. 

Thank you Dee for this incredible re-membrance. For rattling and humming along with my frequency to deeply embody this integration.


Cassia Parent

Kimberley, BC

There have been few things in my life that can compare to the workshop retreat facilitated by Dee Holden. Her ability to easily communicate deep and meaningful principles makes the entire experience seem effortless and deeply enlivening; as though communing with plants is the most natural thing in the world. Her constant humility and approachability make open communication easy, fun, and empowering. Of all the teachers I have come across, Dee stands out as one who is fully immersed in the joy of what she does, and in her capable hands I was lead to one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever been blessed with. Her authentic humility and approachability opened all doors for honest communication, allowing each one of the participants to be fully engaged. I cannot recommend her and the practices she teaches enough to anyone that is even vaguely interested in connecting with nature in a deeper way. It will be a journey that will exceed your loftiest expectations.



Nelson B.C.

What I love about Dee is her very unique style of teaching.   I have taken many courses over the years and she is the first who gives tools, a few guidelines and than actually says very little.  Her approach is to have our own experience rather than being told  what to experience.   Her silent wisdom is very inspiring and she holds a safe, unattached space where I can express and share my true authenic self with compassion and  true unconditional love.



Calgary, Alberta

Dee has helped me heal on many levels.  Her work goes well beneath the physical layers.  Her connection to the earth helps me heal my own.  Her light heart helps me lift my own.  Her witness to my own pain and suffering has brought me deep peace and joy.  Her compassion has helped me become a more mature, resiliant and peaceful person.  And, she makes me laugh!   



Victoria, BC

Dee Holden has been a student of mine for over three year s but it seems like a lifetime as she has excelled beyond my wildest imaginings in her abilities as a Practitioner and Teacher. Her ability to commune with plants and trees comes naturally and she guides you to do the same in simple understandable terms. If you are fortunate enough to work with Dee not only will you experience and learn about deep connections with plants but you will receive the blessing of her delightful spirit.


Pam Montgomery

Partner Earth Education Center, Vermont

this workshop was an absolutely incredible experience!  Denise embodies the utmost reverence for and a deep love and connection to the Plant World/Nation. and she, as a facilitator, is clearly able to provide the safest of passages for her students to open to receive the love, vibratory healing, and messages awaiting each of us from this realm. through the beautiful, wise, poetic teachings and insights she holds and shares, students are guided to an open heartedness and soulful connection through self into direct experience with our plant allies. this experience in itself is deeply healing and even sometimes ecstatic!  I highly recommend Denise as a great teacher and this workshop as a profound experience that will enhance and deepen your connection to life and our blessed earth in a very gentle, joyous, loving way



Golden, B.C.

I consult Dee Holden for body, mind, and spirit healing.  Drawing on her incredible intuition, wisdom of the plant world, and nutritional knowledge, Dee’s sessions have proved invaluable to me.  I’m grateful to have her in my community.  It is with confidence I recommend her. 

Before a recent surgery, I consulted Dee Holden for nutritional advise to help me be healthful during my recovery.  Dee suggested a number of supplements to take before and after the surgery.  I am pleased with the results and recommend her for optimal nutritional health.  Dee is a wealth of information concerning herbs, and various other supplements.


Jean Lloyd

Fernie, B.C.

The work we did together was indeed the beginning of a long healing journey. I feel the love of the earth supporting me through the plant spirits that have chosen to guide me. I have found the strength to proceed because of that love. I could not have come so far so quickly without you showing me the way. It has been a blessing.



Vancouver, B.C.

Denise Holden’s approach to healing is compassionate, empowering and uplifting. I recommend her healing work to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.



Fernie, B.C.

It was a pleasure to have Dee come to Heron Brook Haven to present her workshop on Plant Communication. Dee created a sacred & relaxed environment where people felt comfortable to ask questions and share their experiences . The material was presented in a knowledgeable and respectful way. It was a wonderful day and I would have her back anytime.


Jana Mason

Heron BrookHaven, Vermont

Dee brings a gentle and compassionate approach to her work. My experiences with Dee have brought harmony to my body, mind and spirit by helping to shift and heal old patterns, wounds and beliefs.
Dee has a well rounded approach suitable for a variety of goals and personality styles.
Bringing sensitivity and compassion to her practice, Dee’s clients can expect a sacred and transformative environment conducive for a cleansing, balancing and healing experience.
 Coming away from working with Dee I feel more centered and grounded.  This gives me a wonderful sense of peace and understanding.



Fernie, BC

My experience of Dee as a workshop facilitator and teacher was truly inspirational and nourishing on many levels. She created a space that supported deep inner work, and offered gentle but deeply informed guidance. The place that she teaches from is illuminated, authentic, and above all, noticeably embodied by her as in individual. I recommend her classes and workshops to anyone who feels the pull towards deeper levels of experience.



Kimberley, B.C.

Dee helped me achieve amazing results in our private sessions together.  Her questioning techniques clearly established an outcome for each treatment and she was able to flow with the various changes when new issues surfaced.  I am grateful for Dee’s ability to sense and visualize the core issues that were physically presenting in my body.  After each session I felt grounded, a greater sense of clarity and a physical state of relaxation.  Because of her sessions my physical health has dramatically improved. I am absorbing nutrients more efficiently as shown in the results my blood tests and I no longer have the intestinal parasite that I had been carrying for 5 years.  Thank you Dee for your warmth, support and unique healing techniques.



Fernie, BC