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My journey with Yoga begin with Radha Yoga teachings in 1998, the kind of Kundalini Yoga where we explore the chakra’s in regards to our daily lives and share our findings with each other. It was many months before I spoke. I was overwhelmed and spiritually sick. I didn’t know where to start. These teachings saved my life


In 1999 my employer sent me to Yogaville for a Yoga for the Special Child Training with Sonia Sumar from Brazil. That incredible time led to my first month long teacher training in Yucatan Mexico with Integral Hatha Yoga in 2000.

In 2016 I took Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – I no longer teach this style of Yoga. My gratitude to Sat Kaur who can be quoted as saying” Under no circumstance will I turn any of you out to be teachers who will project your shit onto others.” She made sure we faced the shadows surfacing in ourselves. 


I participated in two Beyond Addiction Intensives both times as participant and once as a small group leader. Beyond Addiction is a collaboration of Sat Dharam Kaur and Dr Gabor Mate. 


Since 2017 ish the bulk of my Yoga facilitation has happened within the Drug and Alcohol Recovery centre I work within.


I have participated in at least a 100o hours of yogic training and continue to pilgrimage to the birthplace of Yoga, Mother India with so my gratitude in my heart for the teachings.